Monday, April 11, 2016


Somewhere out there is a city waiting for us to arrive. There are jobs ready for us to take the reigns. We will work our magic and be important members of our community. There are parties and events we'll attend and date nights we'll spend out on the town.

Somewhere out there is a house that's perfect for us. It has a back deck I'm going to sit on with friends I haven't met yet and we are going to drink margaritas and laugh and laugh. Kali will be sleeping in the yard, content as always to be wherever we are. Erik will serve up burgers from our grill and we will top them with lettuce and tomatoes from our garden. When our friends go home, we will share a glass of Scotch on our chairs in the yard and stare up at the stars and talk about how thankful we are.

Somewhere out there is a staircase that McKenna is going to descend in her prom dress and I will take pictures of her with her date by the front door. She will be doing amazing things, making art, and finding her way in the world surrounded by friends. I will think to myself what a great group of kids these are.

Somewhere out there is a driveway where I will see Sage pull in, home from college with a trunk full of laundry. He will have found his niche, his passion, and his people and he will be happy.

Our future life is out there somewhere waiting for us to find it. There are holidays and vacations and celebrations and summer barbeques on the horizon. One day we'll reminisce about all the places we've lived and we'll see Toronto as the detour we took to get where we were meant to be. We'll talk about how fast time flies and the hard times won't seem so bad in hindsight.

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