Monday, July 4, 2016

30 Things I Love About Canada #23: The Beaches

    When I say I love The Beaches I don't mean "the beaches," although we've visited several in Canada and must say we loved camping on MacKenzie Beach in Tofino, British Columbia a few years ago. After coming upon several full campgrounds on the peninsula, we asked the campground host at MacKenzie Beach if there were any spots left and she answered,

"Yah, fer shure, no doubt, absolutely, eh."

 ...which is pretty much the quintessential Canadian greeting.

    The beaches I'm referring to in this post is the neighborhood known as The Beaches, or, The Beach, or simply BEACH, depending on who you ask. (I can't get a straight answer.) I recently bought this tea towel because it features some of our favorite spots. 

    We didn't know Etobicoke (pronounced E-toe-bi-COH) from Scarborough when we first arrived in the city and started looking for a place to live. (I do not recommend this random throw-of-the-dice method of relocation.)  By chance and circumstance we ended up here and despite the difficult time we've had in Toronto, I love this neighborhood. Our immediate neighbors have been the best we've ever had, we've had no shortage of restaurants within walking distance on Kingston Rd. and Queen St,. we're close to Glen Stewart ravine, and we're blocks away from Lake Ontario. If the cost of living here weren't so damn expensive or if we had friends or family or connections to keep us here we might even stay. For now, we're simply appreciating the time we have left in this beautiful place.

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