Monday, July 4, 2016

30 Things I Love About Canada #22: Canadians respect our president

Canadians have a lot of respect for the president of the U.S., even more than Americans do I'm sad to say. It's embarrassing really. I've been asked why it seems so many people in the states vehemently and proudly express hatred toward the leader of their own country and it's hard for me to answer. 

How can I concisely explain how 200+ years of ingrained racism still affects people? How can I explain why some people are are afraid of their government taking away their guns and giving them free health care and letting two people who love one another get married? How can I explain why the Republican party thinks a blatantly racist and sexist blowhard with multiple bankruptcies like Donald Trump would be a better person to lead our country? I can't. The rest of the world has seen America's racist flag-draped signs and memes and violent rallies on t.v. I don't want to talk about these things because it's embarrassing to admit that my country can be so hateful.

Canadians see a president who is doing a relatively decent job compared to the last guy. As an American living in Canada it makes me simultaneously sad and proud that president Obama has to visit his neighbor to the north to receive a warm welcome. I'm sad that my home country can't do this, but proud of Canada for giving him the respect he deserves.

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