Friday, March 11, 2016

Among the Leaves

I need to change the name of this blog. Stranded in Canada  has such a negative connotation. I don't want to appear helpless. I'm not helpless, just lost. Maybe not even lost anymore but wondering what I should do next. Nevertheless, I need to write about it. Here is my running list of blog title contenders:

Lost in Toronto.

Oh Toronto.

I loathe Toronto.

Just Say No to Toronto.

Come rescue me. 

The Toronto Chronicles.

The reluctant Torontonian.

Escape from Toronto.

The Chronicles of Ontario

An American in Canada.

Landed in Canada.

Speaking of Canada...

There's something you should know about Canada.

A Chronicle of Canada.

... but they all seemed too trite and sarcastic. And then I came up with this one...

Among the Leaves.

So that's what I've chosen to call it.

It's still a novelty to me to see Canadian flags instead of American ones. I'm not among the stars and stripes anymore. I left, and now I'm

Among the Leaves.


  1. Fantastic choice - maple leaves poor notoriously high, when you jump headlong into the pile it's disorienting at first and if it's a big enough pole you have to damn near swim out - and it's hard to get your footing. But out you will get, and invariably, with some leaves and bits stuck to you.

    Great name.