Wednesday, June 22, 2016

30 Things I Love About Canada #16: Canadians Love America

Canada loves America. They're a bit confused by our politics and gun violence and blatant racism, but for the most part they embrace American culture. They watch a lot of American-made television shows and movies, they have most of our fast food restaraunts (sorry about that), and they buy a lot of American-originated brands of clothing and other items (which let's face it, are mostly made in China). They have their own Canadian tv shows and restaurant chains and stores, but most Americans have no clue about them. 

For example, when we first moved here I thought Joe Fresh sold vegetables (they sell clothes like Old Navy). I thought Canadian Tire was a place to get your tires checked (it's like WalMart). Also, I was impressed that Canadian teenagers in Toronto really like the Philadelphia/Jimmy Fallon band the Roots (it's a clothing brand like American Eagle).

This past Sunday we attended Beaches Brews & BBQ Festival at Woodbine Park, a celebration of local breweries (NOT the Beer Store, which is gross). To our surprise though, their BBQ was all-American.

The event is put on by Northern Heat Rib Series featuring "the best BBQ teams in Canada" offering flavors from Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky, and New Mexico. I was kind of looking forward to tasting the BBQ flavors of Ontario and Alberta and Saskatchewan, etc. but it was fun to see America being celebrated.

I can't think of many instances in the states where we celebrate All-Canadian culture and cuisine.

(Apologies to my vegetarian friends who are totally grossed out now).

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