Saturday, June 4, 2016

30 Things I Love About Canada #4: Kingston Road

I realize these are becoming mostly about my immediate neighborhood but it happens to be in Canada so it still goes along with my blog challenge title. Saturday afternoon we walked up our street to an Art Walk on Kingston Road. We haven't lived in a "walkable" city in a while, so we try not to take for granted that we have  access to nearby art galleries and brunch spots. Everyone should be lucky enough to be able to wander into a barn behind a bookstore and see original paintings and meet the artist.

There were Prince prints for sale.

We strolled up one side of the street and stopped at the Cobalt Gallery where both Erik and I have had our work in art shows. I bought these cards:

 The bunny one because it looks like our bunny Ike, the squirrel one because we had never seen a black squirrel before we came to Canada, and the one with birds and ties because I have a thing for birds and ties. Then we walked back on the other side of the street and saw a few more art shows...

And ended up at the corner of our street where we had brunch at The Loop.

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