Tuesday, June 28, 2016

30 Things I Love About Canada #19: Luminato Festival

Saturday evening we attended the Luminato Festival inside the old Hearn Generating Station, home of the giant smokestack that stands in the background of so many of our beach pics.

Their website says: "Luminato is one of the preeminent arts festivals in North America, having commissioned close to 100 new works of art, with more than 3,000 performances featuring 11,000 artists from over 40 countries."

Inside, it looks like this:

The art installations were trippy.

On the second floor were plastered these iconic works of art photoshopped with the Hearn in as a backdrop. I had also seen some of these plastered on buildings around the city.

It was a multi-media sensory overload of WEIRD.

We were simultaneously enlightened and confused.

It was the kind of experience that makes you look at  the world a little differently when you leave.

I could say the same thing about our year in Toronto.

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