Sunday, June 5, 2016

30 Things I Love About Canada #5: Blue Jays

We're kind of fickle with our baseball loyalty. When we lived in L.A. we went to several Dodgers games, when we lived in Seattle we saw the Mariners play, and when we moved to Toronto the Blue Jays were in the playoffs and they became our new favorite team. We try to watch most games on TV, or at least the last few innings, and we know most of the players names and mannerisms now. Bautista and the bat flip, Donaldson's weird hair, the way Encarnacion runs with his elbow out, etc.

We even went to a game last month and caught a ball. Okay, we didn't catch it, the guy behind us did and didn't want to keep it because it was a homerun ball by the opposing team so he gave it to our kids. Free Blue Jay's baseball for us!

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