Friday, June 10, 2016

30 Things I Love About Canada #9: Their Money

Canada has colorful money.

Plus, it's oddly smooth and it has a holographic image and a see-through spot.

They're not afraid to have a lady on their money either, even if it's a lady from another country. America would never stand for that.

They also have dollar loonies and two dollar toonies, which when you first get to Canada is hard to say without giggling.

But they're actually very convenient coins.

Sadly, they don't have pennies anymore. I don't know why I find this sad because it actually makes a lot of sense - Who uses pennies to pay for anything anymore? On the plus side, if you find a penny on the ground now it's extra lucky.

My love for Canadian money is purely visual and tangible and has nothing to do with its value, which is currently about 75 cents to the American dollar. This is great when you're spending American money but not so great when you're taking Canadian money back to America. Maybe this is their secret way of keeping Americans from flooding their borders.  Who needs a wall when the money on the other side isn't worth as much? Smart move, Canada. 

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