Wednesday, June 1, 2016

30 Things I Love About Canada

I'm done being sad. Maybe it's because it's not cold and gloomy anymore, but mostly it's because we're moving. We could stay if we wanted to but we don't. We realized we don't belong in Toronto so we found a way out. In 3 months we'll be moving to Philadelphia.

And now suddenly I'm starting to see the things I love about Canada. I don't want to remember our time here as the year I wasted being sad and unproductive. I don't want to be forever angry at the company that brought us here and then abandoned us. That seems like forever ago. A blip. A roadblock that we barreled through. Now the road ahead is wide open and we're ready for our next adventure.

For the month of June I'm going post 30 things I love about Canada. Despite how my previous posts may have made it appear, it hasn't been all bad. We've explored places and seen things we never knew existed before and now for the rest of our lives we get to say we used to live in Canada.

That's my first thing I love about Canada - that for one weird year, we lived here.

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