Monday, January 25, 2016

Blizzard Envy

Truth is, I'm jealous of my east coast friends who got the blizzard. All weekend long I saw photos on facebook of snow covered decks and pets in the snow and sledding and shoveled walkways and warm fires and comfort food. I have nothing to show but brown dead plants and a few patches of dirty ice. We were hermits in our own house too this weekend but we had no excuse. We moved to Canada fer chrissakes, we should be the ones waist-deep in snow, tapping trees to get our maple syrup and riding sled dogs to school. I haven't even seen real snow here yet. There was that one morning where we had to walk to school in a snowstorm, but by the end of the day the roads and sky were clear. All we're left with are grimy piles on the side of the road and they're no fun.

Snow in Seattle happens so rarely that when it does, it's magical. Everyone comes out and marvels at the ankle deep dusting and evergreens encased in ice. School is canceled and the neighborhood families meet on the hill and share sleds. Within a week it's all gone and life carries on.

My college town - Shepherdstown, West Virginia - made national news for getting the most snow this weekend - 40.5 inches. Everyone was sharing this photo of main street (though the actual snowfall was 3 times as much):

 Across the street from those historic buildings is the house I lived in when I was 20. Immediately my mind went back to the blizzard of '96 when we woke up to 6 feet of snow blanketing the town. No one had to work because none of the restaurants and shops in town could open. We had a pot of chili and bread and whiskey any friend who could dig their way to us was welcome at our house/party. At one point, my guy friends were jumping out of my bedroom window, doing flips, and landing in 6 feet of snow on the sidewalk. I put on my skis and skiied down main street. Man, I miss that town. That town knows how to appreciate their snow.

Where is your magical snow, Toronto?

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