Friday, January 22, 2016

Free Skate!

I found Canada's closet! It's at Play It Again Sports. I heard they had used skates but I wasn't expecting this many. This wasn't even half of them.

Last week we noticed that someone had filled the ravine in our neighborhood with a garden hose so people could skate. We had heard this was a perk of our neighborhood and were excited to see it. Is it a homeowner's association that does it? Or the city? Whoever it is, I would like to thank them. The notion of skating for free is new to us so we couldn't wait to take advantage. Driving up, we thought it might be packed but we were the only ones there (at first, other people soon arrived).


The kids had only skated one time before at a rink in our former city. This ice was a little rougher, but they got the hang of it. 

They also saw their first puck. 

Afterward we want down to Queen Street and the kids played this game at Mastermind Toys.


 I think we may be turning into cliche' Canadians.

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