Friday, January 15, 2016

Date night on Queen Street

We left the kids home tonight and headed down the street for our first date night since we moved here. Living in suburbia for the last 5 years we didn't have the luxury of restaurants and shops within walking distance, so this is still a novelty for us. 

We went to Skwish, a gastropub at 2252 Queen Street East. We were huuungry. We ordered appetizers - a Bao Bun for me and Polpette (meatballs) for my husband, and entrees - Brickworks Cider Poached Stuffed Ontario Trout for me and Black & Blue Salad for him, plus butter chicken poutine to share (which I just now remembered is still in a box in my purse). It was all very good and artfully presented and unlike anything we'd eaten before. We also ordered the signature Skwish Brew Pale Ale which was very good. We asked where it was brewed and our waitress told us it was made in the Granville Island Brewery in Vancouver, BC. No wonder we liked it; we've been to that brewery before. It was nice to have a little taste of the PNW again.   j2252 Queen Street East 2kllj252 Queen Street East

Then we went to the Fox Theater to see the Martian. It's so nice to have an oldschool theater (that serves beer and wine) in our neighborhood. The Martian is about an astronaut who gets stranded on Mars and has to come up with creative ways to survive until he's rescued. Being stranded in Toronto is probably better than being stranded on Mars.

A guy wearing a Seahawks jersey sat down beside us at the movie. I could hardly contain my excitement. I was like "#24! Marshawn Lynch! How about that game last week? How excited are you for Sunday?" and instantly we had a new best friend. I should have invited him over to watch Sunday's game against the Panthers with us. It's hard being the only people in this city geeking out on the Seahawks right now.

On the way home we stopped in the Fill Station for one more beer.

I got Canadian brand beer and we watched curling on the TVs hung on the wall amid hockey jerseys. Apparently USA and Canada were on a team together against a team composed of several other countries. Go us!


Then we walked back up our steep hill toward home on Scarborough Rd. Make no mistake, Toronto is mostly FLAT, but we picked the steepest street in the city to live on. It's a pain to climb sometimes but it's good exercise.


The struggle makes us stronger.

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