Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Our first real Snow Day... but not really.

This morning I woke up to a darker than usual room. The tiny windows in the upstairs of our house are in awkward places that don't offer a clear view outside so I ran downstairs to look out the front window. It was snowing! Hard! The roads were solid white and none of the sidewalks were clear. Surely, I thought, school must be cancelled.

I quickly turned on the t.v. and tried to find a news program with a school closure ticker running at the bottom of the screen. I found one but I didn't recognize any of the counties they were mentioning. Also, does Canada even have counties? I didn't see Toronto mentioned among them. Wait! I was watching a Buffalo station! So I sifted through the Guide to find a Toronto one. I found one! But the newscasters were having casual banter and there was no ticker running along the bottom.

I grabbed my laptop and and Googled the TDSB (Toronto District School Board) web site. Surely they would have it posted on the front page. Nope! Nothing. I searched "snow delay cancellation."

Nothing. What? I guess they don't DO snow days here? It's been a while since I lived where it snows regularly in the winter, but this weather would surely warrant at least a delay, I thought. Nope. By the time I came to this realization we were already late. I woke the kids up in a panic and then scrambled to assemble some snow gear. 10 years on the west coast have turned me into a wimp. There was no way I was going to drive today.

My poor son had to wear 2 mismatched gloves that weren't even snow gloves but the stretchy dollar store kind. No snow pants for him either, as he's had a growth spurt this year and last years' no longer fit. Yesterday my daughter informed me that a teacher pulled her aside and asked where her snow pants were. I had no idea this was a thing kids were expected to wear to school. In our previous life, snow pants were only worn on SNOW DAYS, or trips to the mountain.

I'm happy to say my daughter wore her snow pants today, and we braved the windy snow to get them to school (only 30 minutes late).

 After school we met them with a sled and headed to the ravine for a little fun. We're slowly getting the hang of this.

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